Our exclusive limited edition artworks have been generously created by artists who have contributed to Eastside Projects’ innovative exhibition programme since 2008. They offer an affordable way to collect and invest in contemporary art whilst also supporting the development of high quality culture in Birmingham as all proceeds from sales support Eastside Projects’ future.

Eastside Projects Editions

Richard Woods Duck Weave Tote Bag
FREEE Protest Scarf
James Langdon, Peter Nencini Eastside Projects Makes Art Public Tote Bag 2014
Heather & Ivan Morison Trackside 2014
Heather & Ivan Morison GO ON CRY. LIFE IS HARD. 2014
Ruth Claxton I know places I-X 2013
Simon & Tom Bloor Loose Parts 2013
Céline Condorelli Deodand 2013
James Langdon & Peter Nencini The Artist and The Engineer 2013
Gavin Wade Secession Socket 2013
An Endless Supply Code of Honour 2013
Mike Nelson M6 2013
Yangjiang Group One Day In Birmingham 2012
David Rowan reva_tref4rr_xx 1987 [Castle Bravo] 2012
William Pope.L Sisters 2011
Poster Club I Don’t Want to be a Machine Like Warhol 2011
Jennifer Tee Transcend and Escape 2010
hobbypopMUSEUM Raving Gardens 2010
Mithu Sen Untitled 2009
Liam Gillick A "Volvo" Bar 2009 and Liam Gillick Syndicat 2009
Joanne Tatham & Tom O’Sullivan Does your contemplation of the situation fuck with the flow of circulation (Eastside Projects) 2009
Simon & Tom Bloor Untitled 2009 (second revised edition)