Future Exhibitions

Photo Colour Services

Stuart Whipps
Photo Colour Services at Ithuba Art Gallery
Eastside Projects with Stuart Whipps
13 March - 18 April 2015

Photo Colour Services was a professional photographic lab housed on the 9th floor of Old Arcade in Johannesburg’s central business district. It ceased trading in 1996.
In 2007 Stuart Whipps undertook a three month residency at the Bag Factory and whilst exploring the empty buildings of the CBD, encountered the remains of Photo Colour Services (PCS). Whipps saved the material from the lab, the developers were intending to skip all contents of the building, and shipped it back to the UK. The invitation from Ithuba and British Council presents us with an opportunity to show this incredible material back in Johannesburg.


Samara Scott
Public Preview Friday 15 May 2015
16 May - 11 July 2015

Samara Scott has been commissioned to develop an ambitious new body of work. This is her first solo show in a publicly funded gallery in the UK and the largest project she has undertaken to date. Scott's works contain all passages of what follows the first contact of the consumer experience, from the touch to mastication to assimilation and finally dispersal.
The elements that constitute her work appear in spontaneous configuration, slipping between infusions of nature and artificial imitation, antiquity and plasticity, synthetic import and organic craft class, the materiality mish-mashes a trickled down Art History into an interior language of disposable nostalgia and melancholy.
Born London 1984, where she lives and works. Recent and upcoming solo exhibitions include: Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia, 2014;High Street, Zabludowicz Collection, London, 2014; Baggy, MARS!,Munich, 2014; Cd0xdsspi, Rowing Projects, London, 2013; Poems,Almanac, London.

Roger Coward

Roger Coward
Public Preview Friday 15 May 2015
16 May - 11 July 2015

Eastside Projects re-presents Roger Coward’s 1975 Artist Placement Group placement which explored and found new solutions to the many issues around context based art. It included participatory, process based work, group work, and the making of participatory stage and video productions which led to "feedback" art - objects - photo-montages and the individual artist’s film "The Most Smallest Heath in the Spaghetti Junction" and many photo-montages.

Set within the same area of Birmingham as part of the original placement with the Department of Environment’s Inner Area Study in Small Heath, Birmingham, the exhibition involves archive objects, artefacts and documentation and the restaging of two group authored plays - 'Here We Are And Here We Go' and 'Happiness in the Homeland' - created and performed as part of the placement and directed by Francis Viner who directed the original plays in 1975.