Photo courtesy of Performance as Publishing

Take One / Take Two / Take Three
Performance as Publishing
3/4 March, 31 March/1 April, 5/6 May 2016

Take One / Take Two / Take Three is a broadcast project by Performance as Publishing hosted at Eastside Projects and broadcast by This is Tomorrow. Over three events, nine new artists’ performances will be staged to camera for broadcast in the presence of a live audience. The series plays with the transposition of ‘liveness’ and the event in a digital context through framing and editing with works that put forward different takes on repetition, transformation and accumulation.

This programme is a continuation of Performance as Publishing’s ongoing investigation into text, writing and language in contemporary art, specifically in performance. Between the live performances, a specially selected set of artist films will be screened, chosen during Performance as Publishing’s residency at LUX Artists’ Moving Image.

Participating artists are Eddie Peake, Marie Toseland & Sophie Mallet, Phil Coy, Nicole Bachmann and Ruth Beale. The second broadcast on Friday the 1st April at 7pm will feature performances by Nicole Bachmann, Eddie Peake, Marie Toseland & Sophie Mallett. Doors open at 6.30 and will close at 7pm.

Please be aware that the event will be broadcast live on the internet by This is Tomorrow.

Please note this event contains full frontal nudity, and is not suitable for anyone aged 16 and under.

The rehearsals are open to the public during normal gallery hours (12–5pm) on Thursday and Friday. The events will be free but space is limited so advance booking is strongly recommended

Take One
Friday 4 March, 7–8.30pm

Click here to read more about Take One.

Take Two
Friday 1 April, 7–8.30pm

Click here to read more about Take Two.

Take Three
Friday 6 May, 7–8.30pm

Take Three will feature newly commissioned performances by Nicole Bachmann, Ruth Beale and Marie Toseland & Sophie Mallet, alongside screenings of artists' films from the LUX Archive. The event is free but booking is essential


Films courtesy of LUX and artists
Supported by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia and Arts Council England.
Rehearsals will be open to the public on 5 and 6 May.

Ruth LABF (2015) © Dan Weill

Marie Toseland & Sophie Mallet, 2s from the bottom up live (2015) © Joshua Tucker

Nicole Bachmann,  If,_and (2015)

Phil Coy, Nothing is as dark as the memory of darkness (2016)

Eddie Peake Ⓒ Tristan Fewings, Getty Images Courtesy Barbican