Future Exhibitions

Celine Condorelli, Swindelier (2015) Installation view, Tensta Konsthall. Photograph by Jean-Baptiste BerangerCeline Condorelli, Swindelier (2015) Installation view, Tensta Konsthall. Photograph by Jean-Baptiste Beranger.

Display Show
(Artists to be announced)
19 September – 12 December 2015

Art is not exhibited, art exhibits. Display Show initiates a set of artworks embedded with, and reliant upon, explicit conditions of display. Each work expresses its context as a combination of functional attributes that allow the artwork to always be in the mode of exhibiting – they are always in the process of display.

Display Show exhibits a number of portable exhibition systems from reworkings of Frederick Kiesler’s display units of the 1920s and 40s through to Yelena Popova’s customised flight case containing paintings with references to Nazi theft and hoarding of artworks during World War II. Mobile walls, plinths and architectural modifications focus on the gestures and actions of friendship, support and politics within the processes of producing images, furniture, architecture and communities.

‘Display Show’ is part of a series of group exhibitions and productions within Eastside Projects that examine modes of display and the construction of a public sphere. The series started with ‘This is the Gallery and the Gallery is Many Things’ in 2008, followed by ‘Sculpture Show’ and ‘Abstract Cabinet Show’ in 2009, ‘Curtain Show’ and ‘Book Show’ in 2010, ‘Narrative Show’ in 2011, ‘Painting Show’ in 2012, ‘Puppet Show’ in 2013, ‘Trade Show’ in 2014, and ‘Birmingham Show’ in 2015. Each project invites new curatorial and artistic voices to effect change upon the existing conditions of Eastside Projects and aims to impact on artist practice further afield.

Curated by Celine Condorelli, James Langdon, Gavin Wade.


Flore Nove Josserand
19 September – 12 December 2015