Grace Schwindt: Only a Free Individual Can Create a Free Society
Mexico: Pleasure, Devotion Balance
Bill Drummond: 'The 25 Paintings
Ioana Nemes: 'Monthly Evaluations'
Flatfile | Hold me around the others body

START Art Fair with Rafal Zar
Puppet Show at Gävle Konstcentrum, Sweden
Puppet Show at The Grundy, Blackpool
Trade Show, R-Urban

Trade Show
Casco: Sitting is a Verb
Flatfile | but it could be a Levis advert
Off Site | Trading Post
Cao Fei: Haze and Fog
Second Gallery | Lynda Morris: Dear Lynda...
Flatfile | A Demonstration of Possibilities
Gunilla Klingberg: Parallelareal Variable
Second Gallery | Jim Howieson: Sports Hall Sessions
Flatfile | Potential of Play
Puppet Show
Second Gallery | Karl Nawrot: Mind Walk #I
Flatfile | Continuations
Second Gallery | While It Lasts
Mike Nelson: M6
Second Gallery | Rachel Lowe: Revolving Woman
Flatfile | Curiosity Killed the Cat 

Abstract Possible: The Birmingham Beat
Second Gallery | Yelena Popova: Portrait Gallery Withdrawn
Flatfile | Abstract Possible Cabinet
Off-site | Birmingham The Magic City
Second Gallery | Uta Eisenreich Signals Ahead – Production Residency
Caroline Achaintre, Sara Barker, Alice Channer
Second Gallery | FormContent: Its Moving From I to It
Yangjiang Group: After Dinner Shu Fa at Cricket Pavilion
Second Gallery | David Rowan: Pacha Kuti X

Painting Show
Second Gallery | Corridor Plateau II
William Pope.L: Child
Second Gallery | Empty Orchestra
Narrative Show
Second Gallery | Poster Club
Dan Graham, Models & Videos
Second Gallery | Again, A Time Machine

Carey Young, Memento Park
Second Gallery Programme
Jennifer Tee, Local Myths
hobbypopMUSEUM, Raving Gardens
Curtain Show

Liam Gillick, Two Short Plays
Abstract Cabinet Show
Joanne Tatham & Tom O'Sullivan, Does your contemplation of the situation
   fuck with the flow of circulation

Simon & Tom Bloor, As long as it lasts
+ Artist's Films

Shezad Dawood, Feature: Architecture
Henrik Schrat, One-Day-Comic
This is the Gallery and the Gallery is Many Things