Richard Woods: Duck Weave
Display Show
Second Gallery: Flore Nové-Josserand: City Growth Blues
Samara Scott: Silks
Second Gallery: Roger Coward:You and Me Here We Are
Birmingham Show
Second Gallery: Jerwood Encounters: 3-Phase, Kelly Best/Georgie Grace

Display Show, Stroom den Haag, The Netherlands
Display Show, Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin
Chiltern Railways Commission: Conrad Shawcross
Chiltern Railways Commission: Samara Scott
Jerwood Encounters: 3-Phase, London
Billboard by Stuart Whipps, Ithuba Art Gallery and Eastside Projects
Stuart Whipps, 'Photo Colour Services' at Ithuba Art Gallery
Chiltern Railways Commission: Heather and Ivan Morison
London Art Fair


Susan Philipsz, 'Broken Ensemble: War Damaged Musical Instruments (brass section)'
Rafal Zar, 'Old Hill Uprising'
Grace Schwindt: 'Only a Free Individual Can Create a Free Society'
Mexico: 'Pleasure, Devotion Balance'
Bill Drummond: 'The 25 Paintings'
Ioana Nemes: 'Monthly Evaluations'
Flatfile | Hold me around the others body

Chiltern Railways, Gunilla Klingberg commission
Manchester Contemporary
START Art Fair with Rafal Zar
Puppet Show at Gävle Konstcentrum, Sweden
Puppet Show at The Grundy, Blackpool
Trade Show, R-Urban

Trade Show
Casco: Sitting is a Verb
Flatfile | but it could be a Levis advert
Off Site | Trading Post
Cao Fei: Haze and Fog
Second Gallery | Lynda Morris: Dear Lynda...
Flatfile | A Demonstration of Possibilities
Gunilla Klingberg: Parallelareal Variable
Second Gallery | Jim Howieson: Sports Hall Sessions
Flatfile | Potential of Play
Puppet Show
Second Gallery | Karl Nawrot: Mind Walk #I
Flatfile | Continuations
Second Gallery | While It Lasts
Mike Nelson: M6
Second Gallery | Rachel Lowe: Revolving Woman
Flatfile | Curiosity Killed the Cat 

Abstract Possible: The Birmingham Beat
Second Gallery | Yelena Popova: Portrait Gallery Withdrawn
Flatfile | Abstract Possible Cabinet
Off-site | Birmingham The Magic City
Second Gallery | Uta Eisenreich Signals Ahead – Production Residency
Caroline Achaintre, Sara Barker, Alice Channer
Second Gallery | FormContent: Its Moving From I to It
Yangjiang Group: After Dinner Shu Fa at Cricket Pavilion
Second Gallery | David Rowan: Pacha Kuti X

Painting Show
Second Gallery | Corridor Plateau II
William Pope.L: Child
Second Gallery | Empty Orchestra
Narrative Show
Second Gallery | Poster Club
Dan Graham, Models & Videos
Second Gallery | Again, A Time Machine

Carey Young, Memento Park
Second Gallery Programme
Jennifer Tee, Local Myths
hobbypopMUSEUM, Raving Gardens
Curtain Show

Liam Gillick, Two Short Plays
Abstract Cabinet Show
Joanne Tatham & Tom O'Sullivan, Does your contemplation of the situation
   fuck with the flow of circulation

Simon & Tom Bloor, As long as it lasts
+ Artist's Films

Shezad Dawood, Feature: Architecture
Henrik Schrat, One-Day-Comic
This is the Gallery and the Gallery is Many Things