Family Workshops

Learn all about contemporary art as you explore materials and making in Eastside Projects' exhibition inspired hands-on family workshops. Our artist-led workshops are suitable for families with children aged 5-11 and are absolutely free thanks to the generous support of the WA Cadbury Charitable Trust.

Future Workshops

Bill Drummond Family workshop
Friday 30 May and Saturday 7 June 10.30-12pm

Join artist Bill Drummond for a unique two part family workshop during which you will work together to construct two new sculptures ‘Sixteen Crows’ and ‘Sixteen Ragworts’. Over two weeks, through talking, looking and drawing, you will explore what Crows and Ragwort flowers symbolise, what other animals or flowers might symbolise and what symbolising something means.

The workshops are free and suitable for children aged 5-11. Children must be accompanied by an adult. This workshop takes place over two weeks so you need to be able to make it to both sessions. To book a place email

Past Workshops

Exploring Trade: Playful Prototypes
February 2014

In this artist-led family workshop, we created our own imaginative prototype products for trade and displayed them in Open Shop as part of the exhibition and decided whether we wanted to exchange them for money or something entirely different.

Exploring Architecture: Building Big
November 2013

In this workshop we thought about how ginormous sculptures can be created from surprisingly simple materials. We found out how wood, card, tubes, glue, tape and tissue paper can be transformed into strong structures in this hands-on artist-led family workshop.

Taking inspiration from ‘Black Pleasure’ we discovered why triangles are the secret to brilliant buildings and worked together to make our own fabulous architecture.

Exploring Spaces: Walking Through Walls
July 2013

All was revealed in this hands-on film-making family workshop. Inspired by the exhibition Parallelareal Variable, families explored ways to divide space and make invisible things appear through a clever use of materials. Working with film and projectors to make light solid, extend film into space and create immersive spaces from moving image.

Exploring Puppetry: Creating Creatures
April 2013

In this family workshop children brought to life a cast of creatures inspired by Javanese Puppetry and took them out into the world of Puppet Show to explore and meet the residents.

Exploring Objects: Making Tracks
February 2013

How do artists make ordinary objects extraordinary? This group printing workshop explored these ideas, using tyres to make a big impact. It was inspired by Mike Nelson's 'M6' exhibition.

Exploring Abstraction: Fantastic Plastic
November 2012

In this practical session children used sign-writer's vinyl to create colourful, abstract compositions inspired by the exhibition 'Abstract Possible: The Birmingham Beat'.

Exploring Sculpture: Making Faces
July 2012

In this workshop children transformed clay and plaster into sculptures inspired by Caroline Achaintre, Sara Barker, Alice Channer.

Printing with Poster Club
July 2011

For Eastside Projects' first family art workshops parents and children were invited to try their hands at silk screen printing and work together to make a jungle themed print collage. This practical workshop was led by artists from Poster Club during their exhibition in Eastside Projects Second Gallery.

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Exploring Abstraction: Fantastic Plastic

Exploring Abstraction: Fantastic Plastic

Exploring Abstraction: Fantastic Plastic

Exploring Sculpture: Making Faces

Exploring Sculpture: Making Faces

Exploring Sculpture: Making Faces