Production Talk: Alice Channer and Nicolas Deshayes
Production Talk: Des Hughes
Artists Talk: Harry Meadley
Performance as Publishing: Take Three
Size and Scale: John Slyce in conversation with Richard Woods
Performance as Publishing: Take Two
Performance as Publishing: Take One
Richard Woods Lunch Club
Birmingham Production Space: An Update
Artist Talk: Amalia Pica
Digbeth First Friday February: UnPublic Works
Richard Woods 'Duck Weave': Public Preview

Christmas Quiz
Volunteer Open Afternoon
Baldwin's Nigger Reloaded
Tragic Destinies
Re-imagining ESP
November Digbeth First Friday: Volunteer Take Over
Mike Cooter: Putting it in the window. Some thoughts on display mechanisms and enclosure
Sleep with a Curator
Digbeth First Friday October
Curating Performance: City as Subject
Display Show: Lunch Club
Artist Talk: Koenraad Dedobbeleer
Display Show: Walk and Talk
Display Show: Public Preview
Film Open
Summer Camp Open Studio
Sentiment Art
The Studio in Society
Talking Production
Artist Talk Alice Theobald
Roger Coward: Two Birmingham Plays
Not paying artists is bad for you... Discuss
Art Bus Spring
Group Occupation: Introducing the Residents
Another Nigger Died Today
Alabaster Effigies
Jerwood Encounters: 3-Phase, Salon
I Feel Love, Anna Barham
So it is wanted there where the power lies
Reading Birmingham Show
Digbeth First Friday: Exhibition Launch
Adorno and Art: Salon and Book Launch with Dr James Hellings
Feminist Practice: Then and Now
Birmingham Show: Setting the Scene
Birmingham Show Public Preview

Christmas Quiz
Birmingham Production Space: Starting the Conversation
Music and Table-top Sale | Digbeth First Friday
Art Bus
Ben Frost with Greg Fox, supported by Moth Wasp
ESP Showreel/Company Cordials | Digbeth First Friday
Lunch Club | Liverpool Biennial Presentations
Volunteer Open Evening
In Conversation: Stuart Bailey and James Langdon
Commercially Speaking
Car Deconstructions with Dina Roncevic - as part of Fierce Festival
Artist Talk with Dina Roncevic
Susan Philipsz | Saturday Symposium
Away From All Suns | Digbeth First Friday
ESP Summer Camp
ESP Showreel Screening
Detox | Digbeth First Friday
There is no Script For This
Bill Drummond's Closing Event
Artist Talk: Rachel Maclean
Digbeth First Friday
Public Art Discussion: Two case studies
It's moving from I to It–The Play
Grizedale Arts: The New Mechanics
A Snapshot of Chinese Cinema Today
Henry Hills: Downtown NYC
Bill Drummond: LECTURE #2 The Life and Death of an Artist
Susan Philpsz: Study for Strings and Other 'Scores'
Artist's Talk: Samara Scott
Trade Talk: Ella Gibbs
Birmingham Bullring Fishmongers Championship
Workshop: Aimée Zito Lema
Trade Talk: AAA
Design Talk: Kellenberger-White
Diagrams and the Production of Subjectivity: Simon O’Sullivan
Trade Talk: Kate Rich
Feral Trade Café

Art Bus
Trade talk: Barbara Steiner and Exhibition Introduction
The Paperless Stack
Exhibition Launch | Trade Show
Winter Art Fair
Eastside Projects at Artissima Italy
Meet The Curators
Public Art Discussion
Toolkit: Ceri Hand Talks Business
Eastside Projects 5th Birthday Party
Comedy, Bread And A Cuppa
Salon: Archive This
Exhibition Launch: Haze and Fog
Curators Introduction: Haze and Fog
Summer Camp
Interior Reflections III
Toolkit: Webslingers
Utopian Talk-Show Line-Up
Along, Between and On The Lines
Toolkit: Maximum Fidelity or How to Document your Work
Curators Introduction: Gunilla Klingberg and Jim Howieson
Puppet Assembly
'Nuclear Family (Three Tragedies and a Satire)'
Art After Hours
Art Bus
Toolkit: Going for Gold
Sculpture and Ventriloquism: A talk by Jon Wood
Group Occupation II… Introducing
Doing & Thinking: Artist talk by Celine Condorelli
Toolkit: Everything You Need to Know About Preparing Work For Print
Our way or the Bezier with Colophon Foundry
Off-Site: Wild Things are Going to Happen Book Launch
Residency Mania
Film Toolkit: fun with file types
Puppet Show, While It Lasts: Curators’ Introductions
Rubber and Immigration
Interior Reflections II
Artist’s Talk: Giles Round – Lux Interior
Lunch Club discussion with Jo Loki
Publishing Forum: Reading Group
The Culture Of Curating And The Curating Of Culture(s) Book Launch Event
Artist's Talk: Hannah Perry
Toolkit: Commercial as Context
Curator's Introduction: Mike Nelson
ESP TV: Test Transmission
Art Bus
Salon: Speaking of Abstraction III
Artist's Talk: Interior Reflections
Off-site Screening: Goldin+Senneby
Toolkit | Formula for Living: Simon & Tom Bloor
Symposium: Hooky Street Press
Salon: Speaking of Abstraction II
Reverse Karaoke
Frieze Projects: Bread and Fortunes
Abstract Possible | Curator's Introduction: Maria Lind
Toolkit: Unprofessional Practice - To Whom It May Concern
Salon: Speaking of Abstraction
Hooky Street Press Writing Talk #2: Puns
ESP Summer Camp
Unravel | Unauthorise | Upcycle II - Self-Publishing Workshop: Production and Critique
In Conversation: Achaintre, Barker, Channer, Lisa Le Feuvre
Unravel | Unauthorise | Upcycle: Self-Publishing Workshop & Discussion Event
Uta Eisenreich: A Performance in Five Acts
Science Talk: Seeking Serendipity
Uta Eisenreich: Artists Talks
Mobile Exhibition: The Polish Language
Hooky St Press Writing Talk # 1: Dr Paul McDonald
Salon: There is No Script for This
Performance: FormContent
Curators' Introduction: Caroline Achaintre, Sara Barker, Alice Channer and FormContent
Discussion: Artists' Studios
Salon: Jonathan Watkins and Jiehong Jiang
Artist's Talk: David Rowan and Stuart Whipps
Talk: Introducing Contemporary China
Discussion: Is There a Need for Permanence?
Yangjiang Group Dinner
Artists Talk: Yangjiang Group
Why is Painting Still Important?
Artist’s Talk: Simon Bill
Salon: Working with Galleries: Part II
Talk: A Year at The Curfew Tower

Public Evaluation Event
Performance: Velzuvial
Performance: Jonathan Monk
Talk/Action: Raimundas Malašauskas
Sally O'Reilly: Sex Shop Investigations
Artist's Talk: Nathaniel Mellors
Panel Discussion: Curating the Home
Artist's Talk: John Russell
David Raymond Conroy: A Talk (the one that begins with Bruce Springsteen)
Imagine the Digbeth Summit
Workshop: Last of the Red Wine, Sally O'Reilly
Artist's Talk: Dora Garcia
The Happy Hypocrite: Say What You See (co-hosted by An Endless Supply and Maria Fusco)
Slavs and Tatars: Régions d'Être
Book Talk: Jonathan Monk
Book Launch: Bill Drummond - Imajine by Claudel Casseus

Artist's Talk: Carey Young
Writer's Talk: Sally O'Reilly
Pecha Kucha: Grand Union, Friction Arts, Fierce Festival, mac, The New Art Gallery Walsall, Companis, The Lombard Method, Project Pigeon, Red Lantern and more
Companis: Bone Dinner
Freee: The Whistleblowers Pocket Guide to Dissent in the Public Sphere
Book Launch: Jennifer Tee - Local Myths
Book Talk: Moritz Küng