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Eastside Projects (EP) is an exhibition space with many differences. It is a free, public space that is being imagined and organised by artists. We commission and present experimental contemporary art exhibitions, and propose ways in which art may be useful to society. EP is a questioning structure that in turn produces more questions and also, of course, possible answers. Our ambition is to incorporate the methodologies of art-making at all scales and functions of the organisation.

We believe in working collaboratively towards change and do so to support the cultural growth of Birmingham. We do not make art for the public. We are the public that makes art. The artist run space is not a stop gap. The artist run space is a public good.

For in depth information on what the organisation is made of, how it was set up, who it is for, how it can be used and what it can offer see the current draft of the User's Manual. To take a virtual tour of Eastside Projects during Painting Show click here.

Eastside Projects is an artist-run space as public gallery, not for profit company Limited by guarantee reg: 6402007, an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation, in partnership with Birmingham City University, with further support from Paul Hamlyn Foundation Breakthrough Fund, and Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.


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